Problem withe the option "Easy interval"

I have a problem and I do not know if I am not using Anki in the right way or if Anki has a bug.

I have Anki version 2.1.49 on a Windows 7 system.
I speak Italian and use Anki to learn French.
The Note Types in my deck are: Basic (and reverse card).
The Fields are: Front, Back, tts.
In Front I put a French word or statement and add audio with Hyper TTS.
In Back I put the Italian translation
tts is left empty.

In the Options screen for my deck I have modified the following parameters:
New cards/day set to 12
Maximum reviews/day set to 50
Easy interval set to 400 days.
No other option has been changed.

My problem is the following: I have studied the deck and used the Easy button for 12 cards. I was expecting to find the new Due Date for them set to 400 days after the current date. But the Browse screen shows the Due Date for one Card about 680 days later, for a second Card about 500 days later, for a third Card about 440 days later and for the other nine cards a value less than 400 days.

What can I do to get a Due date 400 days later for the cards for which the answer was “Easy”?

It is a feature of Anki called “fuzz”

I do not believe that my problem is related to the feature “fuzz”. The Anki Manual says:
When you select an ease button on a review card, Anki also applies a small amount of random “fuzz” …
If I set the Easy interval to 400 days, due dates of 680 days or 500 days, as I wrote on my post, don’t correspond to small amount of random fuzz.
Continuing my study of the deck I found an easy interval of 30 days and another of about 1100 days. Definitely too far from 400 days to think that they are caused by the fuzz feature.

The Easy interval setting is valid for new cards. Are you sure they were new cards with the interval 30 or 1100 days? Maybe they were learned or re-learned cards.

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thanks pavreh for the information that the Easy interval setting is valid for new cards.

In this case my question is: what should I do to get a Due Date 400 days later for all cards, new, learned or relearned, when I press the Easy button?

You are welcome. I am afraid it is not possible. Concerning the due date is longer and longer over the time you would come across an issue where good answer would be several years but easy answer would still be 400 days.

But you can set Easy bonus to some high value so easy answer pushes the card far away. Also, if you want to have maximal due date 400 days, you can set Maximum interval.

See the link for more details about how Anki works Background - Anki Manual

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