Problem with switching to hiragana input

Hi there,

I’m new to the forum so let me now if I do anything wrong.
I recently encountered a problem with anki (I’m using ubuntu 21.04 and anki 2.1.35). I’m using it to learn japanese but now, whenever I try to make a new card it won’t let me write anything in japanese. It will automatically switch my input mode back to direct input instead of hiragana. What does seems to work though is to copy-paste a japanese character in the field and then write after that. But I need it to do it in every field of the card. It’s a bit frustrating. Would anyone have any idea to solve this?

Thanks in advance :^)

If you’re using fcitx, see Add Fcitx5 Support - #2 by dae

Hi, and thanks for your answer.

I don’t think I’m using fcitx. At least I did not installed it conciously. And anki was working fine for me before. I think it started not working around the time I was trying different chromium based browser in order to make the migaku extention work. Do you think that this coulb be related in any way?

You’ll need to figure out what IME you’re using - the people on your distro’s forums may be able to help if you get stuck.