Problem with cards with more than one question


I recently imported a deck of 2000 cards to learn a specific topic. Many of the cards have follow up question (question 1/2/etc.)

The problem is that I dont only get the first question to learn but every single question as a “solo card” with the answers from the previous question already shown at the screen (the system thinks question 4 is a solo card to learn as well).
How can I fix this problem (it makes the serious learning quite harder and not that predictable/manageable).

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Are you asking about cards with multiple cloze deletions?
Or do they literally have multiple questions and mutliple answers on the same note/card?

Depending on how the deck author has constructed the cards, you may find this useful: Studying - Anki Manual

The original poster provided a screenshot privately. They have a shared deck with notes that generate multiple cards at once, so burying can be used if they don’t want to see multiple questions from the same note on the same day.

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Thanks for the first help! So if I get it right I can’t prevent that I get more then one card to learn if I use the card option “sequence of questions” (its Called like this in the German version), I tried this myself with new cards.

Did I get you right that the only option is to “bury” following questions (question 2, 3 etc.) every day that they show up?

You can turn on your sibling burying settings (see the link dae posted), and Anki will bury them automatically so they don’t overlap on the same day.

If you don’t want to study question 2, 3 etc. at all, you can Suspend those cards and they won’t be introduced or offered for review.

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