Problem with audio


I updated my version to the latest (Windows 10) and noticed that the audio doesn’t play as it should - it stops up to 1 sec. before the end, no matter how long the audio is. I downgraded the version a few times and found out, that the latest version, where sound works ok is 2.1.26. The problem exists for all other versions starting from 2.1.28. Maybe it’s somehow related to the switching of the audio player, which took place exactly in 2.1.28. The mobile version also works as it should. Is it a bug?

You could try this as a workaround:

Thank you, it’s much better now!

(The changes started working only after completion of a few cards, not immediately)

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Unfortunately, my joy was not long - the problem came back, even with this addon. I tried to restart it and Anki a few times, but in vain.