Problem during PyCharm setup

I am relatively new to programming and get an error message during my initial PyCharm setup as written in the manual (see screenshots) after passing this command:

import subprocess

I am following these steps here: Editor Setup - Writing Anki Add-ons

I am on a 64bit Python version (3.10.4.).

You are pasting the command into your shell prompt but you should be pasting it into a python REPL. In this case, you have a terminal open in pycharm. Instead, you should open a python console and paste the commands in there. Alternatively, you could type python into the terminal to start a python session in the terminal and paste the commands there.


Also, subprocess is used to make OS calls from python, but a shell directly allows you make these calls right away, so it’s a bit weird to start a python repl just to launch a sub process. For instance, in your shell prompt, if you wanted to do subprocess.*(["pip3", "install", "--upgrade", "pip"]) (where * is any subprocess function that actually starts a subprocess, including check_call), you can just type pip3 install --upgrade pip in your shell prompt.


Thank you guys. Worked!

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