Ankirspy - could not find a version

I am attempting to setup a dev env so I can create some add ons

I followed the directions in Getting Started - Writing Anki Add-ons (

found a link Setting up PyCharm for addon development - Development - Anki Forums (
someone with similar problems so decided to start all over using hints from that post

installed python 3.9 as 3.10 was giving issues
installed charm

import subprocess
subprocess.check_call([“pip3”, “install”, “–upgrade”, “pip”, “–user”])
that failed suggested python.exe -m pip install --upgrade pip

cmd shell python.exe -m pip install --upgrade pip

back to python
subprocess.check_call([“python”, “-m”, “pip”, “install”, “mypy”, “–user”])
subprocess.check_call([“python”, “-m”, “pip”, “install”, “anki”,"–user"])
subprocess.check_call([“python”, “-m”, “pip”, “install”, “ankirspy”,"–user"])
ERROR: No matching distribution found for ankirspy
subprocess.check_call([“python”, “-m”, “pip”, “install”, “aqt”,"–user"])

it appears I have managed to install pip, mypip, anki, and aqt

BUT ankirspy no success

so is ankisrspy necessary

it is not in the original instructions NOR is anki or aqt for that matter

ankirspy is no longer required, and whatever docs are telling you to install it need to be updated.

dae - Thank you -

it took me forever to install pycharm without errors and I have found that I prefer onenote and one note is cheaper (free)

thanks again