Preview Suggestion

Hey Anki Team!

While I was adding some cards to one of my decks, I realised something. I add photos to my cards and I wanna see how would they look when I studied them. After I create the card, I open “Browse” section and click preview to see how my card looks. It’s a little bit hard to minimise “Add” section, open “Browse” section and click preview. I suggest you to add a preview to “Add” section. While I’m creating cards I wanna see how my card could look if I would put any image inside of it.

I think you can add “Preview” button here. (I remarked in the screenshot.)

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Such a function already exists.


Keks I thank you for your reply! That’s a great way of looking preview of course but I wanna get the view when I click preview button because when I click preview button, I look the size of the image. Preview button gives the view better than the preview on the “Cards” section I think. Although it’s not the way I want, thank you for your opinion!

There is an addon that does this


Thank you eroscard! It works perfectly and it fits my expectations. It’s just as I wanted.