Presentation of learning word cards in different languages

I am currently creating an Excel list with multiple translations that I would like to import into Anki (see screenshot).
My requirement for my flashcard is that I am asked for the French translation of a term, for example, and later for the Italian or English translation. Is this possible with Anki and how should I adapt the template accordingly?

Yes, this will work great with Anki.

First, conceptually – each row of your spreadsheet will create a note – each column will be a field of that note. For each type of flashcard you want to create, you will add a card type to your note type, with front and back templates that will create cards for you (and reverse cards, if you like).

Card 1: front DE > back FR
Card 2: front FR > back DE

Card 3: front DE > back IT
Card 4: front IT > back DE

Card 5: front DE > back EN
Card 6: front EN > back DE

One thing to think about – how will you be able to tell Card 1, 3, and 5 apart when you only see the DE front? You should probably add some static text to the front template for those cards to tell you which language to produce – like β€œin English:” or whatever you find prompting and non-distracting.

I find it handy to setup my note type and card templates before importing, that way I will be able to quickly tell whether everything arrived in the correct place.

If you’re looking for more specific guidance, let us know, but this should get you started:
Importing: Text Files - Anki Manual
Adding/Editing a note type: Adding/Editing - Anki Manual
Adding card types/templates: Field Replacements - Anki Manual