Potential regression: class="tappable" no longer activating event listener

I have a card with a back which essentially contains this code:

<button class="tappable" id="do-thing" onclick="alert('ahh')">
  Do thing

  .addEventListener('click', () => {

I’m fairly confident the event listener used to accept clicks and run the handler. Now, it appears only onclick attributes are respected, so the ahh alert shows up, but the noo alert never does.

I don’t recall any changes to this part of the code recently. If I remove the onclick, ‘noo’ appears for me.

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After testing this, I’m now realizing I think I was experiencing this because this code was in the middle of a card with invalid html. I bet the inconsistency was due to a parse difference between the embedded safari view on iOS vs. whatever Qt is using. Long story short, this is probably just a difference in browser engines.

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