Please properly/actually explain the card info screen in the manual instead of stating "it's self explanatory"

It’s on this manual page.
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So unless you intend on implying I’m a thick moron who doesn’t have the abilit to grasp self explanatory things, please add some elaborations on there.

What does Rating mean? Why is the 1 in red? Why is the 0 in blac,?
Why is the 1 in red on Relearn and Review?

What really is “type”? Review, Learn, Relearn are kind of self explanatory, but Manual?
Is the from a custom study session?

And those are two very basic columns, I think, no addon or activation of some advanced checkboxes needed, yet their self explanatory nature eludes me, at least partially.

Weakness in documentation that leaves on unable to grasp the situation are also kind of tragically ironic, or something.
Cause in an open source project, things thrive from contributory fixes, but I can’t make a pull request of something I don’t know…
Thus I am here to beseech people who know what these things mean, and are willing to update the manual with that.

P.S.: I had to edit the URL because it wouldn’t let me post a link to an actual official anki resource, lol… c’mon…

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The Statistics - Anki Manual page doesn’t necessarily explain things that are defined and explained elsewhere in the user manual.

“There are four rating buttons when learning”

“When a card has been previously learnt and is ready to be reviewed again, there are four buttons to rate your answer”

The keyboard shortcut keys are 1, 2, 3, 4 for Again, Hard, Good, Easy. And the 0 would correspond to using “Forget” on that card.


Typing in the bare URL will automatically convert it to a descriptive form: Statistics - Anki Manual

Or you can post it on a line by itself:

If you want to have the spelled-out URL within a sentence, you could do it via:


which will give: as the result.

I was literally not allowed to create the topic as long as I had any URL in it, perhaps it’s a restriction on new accounts.

That said, yeah, I know how to use the buttons and all that, that’s not what I was interested in at all.

What’s I’m interested in is the removal of the part that suggests that the card info screen is mostly self explanatory, it’s not.
Unless I’m too thick in the head for the documentation writer, of course.

The above is from the manual.

Here’s what confuses me

What’s manual? Why are some numbers red? Is it due to a rating drop? Etc.
It’s not self explanatory.
Not to me.

Does this make sense? Your post was so off the mark that I wonder if what I’m getting at is actually parseable, perhaps you are all just on another mental plane or something.

As far as I can see, only 1 is in red. 1 is the lowest rating, so it’s necessarily a rating drop from any other rating.

1 specifically means you got the answer wrong, whereas all the other ratings (2, 3, 4) mean that you got the answer right, albeit perhaps with difficulty. So probably red is just used to make it stand out when you got the wrong answer.

0 corresponds to deliberately choosing to forget the card and start over from scratch the process of learning it. You have to choose this Forget option either from a menu or by using the Ctrl-Alt-N shortcut. You can do that either in the Browse window, in Cards mode, by right-clicking on the card’s line and then selecting “Forget…” from the popup menu that appears, or in the card review by clicking on the More button instead of the Again/Hard/Good/Easy buttons and selecting “Forget…” from that popup menu.

Why “Manual”? I guess forgetting a card is a kind of manual intervention that overrides and resets the normal learning and reviewing process for a card. If there’s a better word to use, feel free to suggest it, but remember that tabular information must necessarily use concise labels and descriptors.


“Self-explanatory” was not the best choice of words, and I have updated the manual to remove that reference and add a little more detail.