PDF to notes [Support thread]

Using the poppler library (https://poppler.freedesktop.org/) the add-on converts a PDF file into notes.

  • Question/prompt extracted from each page (the first line of text)
  • Convert PDF pages to separate “normal” (front/back) notes or separate clozes in a single cloze type note.
  • PDF pages inserted as images or HTML (using poppler pdftoppm and pdftohtml).




  • Deck: Which deck the added note(s) will be inserted into
  • Note type: Which note type to use for insertion, supports “normal” (front/back) note types as well as cloze note types.
  • Front (“normal” (front/back) note type): Which field to insert the “question” (first line of text in the page) in.
  • Back (“normal” (front/back) note type): Which field to insert the “answer” in.
  • Title field (cloze note type): Which field to insert PDF file name as title (for note types, such as the built-in cloze, that do not have a suitable field for this, select <none>).
  • Cloze field (cloze note type): Which field to insert clozes into. Clozes are inserted as prompt: {{c1::<br>answer}}<br> where prompt is the first line of text extracted from the page and answer is either an image of the page or a <div> with the page HTML.
  • Format: Format to insert the pages in, either as images (will preserve exact layout and work well on all screen sizes but no editable/selectable text) or HTML (does not give perfect results on any screen, especially not small screens but text can be copied/edited).