Pb with the verso of my card

I dont speak fluently english so dont mind my grammar… :

I wanted to modify a thing on the verso of my card so i clicked on cards and then turn but now all my card have the same blank answer and i dont know what to do :confused:!


Thanks in advance

if you haven’t modified field names, copying the below text and pasting it in back template (verso thingy) should solve your problem.

<hr id=answer>

Edit: I see that you have modified it

can you tell me what was on the back side before it went blank?

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Im trying to find out what was written on it :slight_smile:

Im on another computer and I think that this is it

this is normally the back template.
but as you had more fields in your template I thought you might have more fields on the back.

I see that you have 4 fields (Front, Example, Image and Back)
if you wish to only see the Back field on the back and everything else on the front, then your front template would look like this


and your back template would look like this

<hr id=answer>

Thank you very much !