Pausing Text to speech

Trying to pause text to speech but no luck. Tried using, changing, and resetting shortcuts for pausing text to speech but no luck. Im using Macbook and hoping someone can help with finding a shortcut for pausing the audio.

Text to speech also plays two texts at the same time when moving on to another card. I have ticked “Interrupt current audio when answering” under preferences but it still continues to play to text to speech audio clips simultaneously.

Can someone give me assistance on how to pause current text to speech audio and how to stop two texts playing at the same time

Thank you!

I’m afraid pause is not supported. I can’t seem to reproduce the other issue - if I put multiple TTS tags on my cards, they play one after the other.

Thank you for your reply. If I answer a card before the audio finishes, It will continue to play the end of the card while playing the next card at the same time…so its two voices speaking at the same time.

My tts is below:
{{tts en_AU voices=Apple_Karen speed=2.0:cloze-only:Text}}
{{tts en_AU voices=Apple_Karen speed=2.0:Comments}}

I have also ticked the “Interrupt current audio when answering” option in preferences, but its not doing that.

Any further suggest would be much appreciated.

Curiously, it doesn’t happen for me on a Mac here, which I presume you’re using. Your choice of voice implies you’re using the default TTS - I presume you haven’t installed any TTS-related add-ons?

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