Interrupt current audio

Hi Damien,

the setting “interrupt current audio” on iOS is for interrupting the audio played by front side when changing to back side - or am I wrong with this?

If so, then there would be a bug. Audio from front side doesn’t stop when switching to back side anymore.


Strange, it seems to work for me. I tested with an audio file - maybe you are using TTS?

Yes and no. I have almost everywhere audio files, but conditioned, so that TTS could take over, in case an audio file would be missing. But it happens with cards which contain recorded audio files. I mean, it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t interrupt as expected when changing to back side.

{{Example ~}}{{^Example ~}}{{tts en-US voices=Apple_Aaron speed=0.9:Example}}{{/Example ~}} {{cloze:+}} {{cloze:+ + +}}

Please move two cards that demonstrate the problem into a separate deck, export it, and share it with me privately.