Pasting entries to fields, CSS wiped out?

If I paste in new material to a field with a previous CSS setting, is that CSS also wiped out? The reason I’m asking is that I had to adjust the styling to have higher line-height (typical problem with some Asian fonts that have stacked letters such as Tibetan). However, either when I keep the original text in the Cloze text field I still see the font smearing, same if I paste something in.

However, if I create a new card with this new styling the line height styling goes to effect. So in my case I need to re-create such cards all over.

If this is an issue, it would be good to force a full css styling update for cards where such values have been changed.

Why don’t you set the line height in your card template?

I’m setting i in the styling:
.card {

font-family: arial;

font-size: 20px;

text-align: left;


color: black;


Thought that handled the card settings, and it seems to work with any new created cards, but not previous ones.

Maybe the existing cards have embedded formatting that is overriding your template?

Interesting, is there something in the debugger I could use to dump out the final .css tree? AFAIK I just cloned default Cloze and added in the CSS line height values. Still curious why it seems to work with new cards (I just flag the old bad rendered font ghyph ones, re-type in the Tibetan into a brand new entry and that way resolve this along the way.

cmd+shift+x in a field will reveal any HTML embedded in it, and card() in the debug console will show the current card’s HTML during review.

Thanks, good stuff, saving that here in my notes. I suspect it’s just a matter of finding the right CSS combination (and possibly font as well) – it’s a common problem to get web content properly rendered with complex stacked Asian fonts.