Page down not working (have to click the screen)

using page down key does not work, I have to click the screen first, ruining whaterver use that would hav, is there a solution? I heard glutanimates addon used to but it does not now

You mean Refocus Card when Reviewing?

yeah that one specifically, with it enabled I still have to click the screen in order for it to work,

(sway, arch, can post specs if that might be important;)

I don’t understand what you’re using Page Down to do that isn’t working. I can page up and down in the review screen just fine. Was the add-on abandoned 6 years ago because it was no longer necessary?

Get your full version information from Help > About > Copy debug info and paste that here.

FIX: Had to do with the Note Type “Project Anki Notetypes - Ankizin und CO”

go to advanced-> custom style

#qa #container { overflow-y: unset ! important; }