Optional desktop shortcut

Is there any chance of including a tick box in the Windows installer to allow the user to choose whether to create a desktop shortcut?

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Is this on the cards?

It’s not high on my priority list at the moment.

Understandably. I just thought it would be a relatively quick and simple adjustment to make to the installer. If I’m mistaken, then disregard the request for the nonce.

It’s not because it’s not top priority that it should be disregarded. It just means that it will probably be dealt with when there will be a lot of low-priority features to be added that all required tweaking the same code, or if a new contributor wants to start with something simple to implement to get a grasp of the codebase.

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Hence for the nonce :slight_smile: But it’s good to know that at least it’s somewhere on the list.

I thought I’d give it a bash myself, but I’ve never worked with NSIS and it seems that Anki’s installation script would require significant modifications to implement the solution suggested in this answer on Stack Overflow, which uses the NSIS Modern User Interface.

Um, I’m not sure anyone uses the phrase “for the nonce” anymore? I think it’s likely to cause confusion?