Option to delete all tags I select

Good evening, I would like to know if there is any addon to delete all the tags on the card at once or to not show the tags option in Anki

Reason: I copied text from a PDF and pasted it into the back of Anki as if it were an explanation, but I accidentally put it in the part where the labels are and then several labels automatically became there. It was a lot of work to delete one by one, as I couldn’t select them all at once and delete them.

Thank you

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Not an add-on, but …

  • Do you use those identical Tags in the rest of your collection?
    • If not, you can just delete the Tags themselves directly in the Sidebar (Browsing - Anki Manual), and they’ll be removed from all the notes. Your notes and cards will remain entact.
  • Do these notes have any other tags that you want to keep?
    • If not, you could probably use Find and Replace (Browsing - Anki Manual). Select the notes that are impacted, and set it up like this – the Find is regex for any character, limit it to the Tags field and the notes you’ve selected. [I always recommend that folks run a test on a small batch that they can check afterwards, and be prepared to Edit > Undo if you don’t like the result!]
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I think you didn’t understand, it was on a single card that I pasted a text, inside the part where the labels were and several random labels were created

the tags created were all different, with several different names, worse than that I have other tags and then it got mixed up with them when I went to the panel and deleted and I didn’t even remember the ctrl z option

You’re correct! I didn’t understand that it was just one note (Tags are at the note-level) – I also didn’t understand that you were already done and didn’t still need help with this.

Yes, Edit > Undo would have been the best if you thought of it in the moment. Even a little while later, when things started getting mixed up – you still could have restored from an automatic backup.

But overall it sounds like the first solution I suggested – using the Selection tool and deleting the Tags themselves from the sidebar would definitely have worked (or possibly that is what you ended up doing?).

I guess given the availability of so many other options, combined with the rarity of this happening (pasting random text in the Tags field), it’s unlikely that someone would take this up as an add-on project.

yes, I did that, because there were a lot of labels and I had others, so it took a while to remove them all, thank you

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If you removed the tags from the note, you can then use the Notes>Clear Unused Tags action to remove the unused ones from the sidebar.