Optimize all presets

The optimizer cannot know that I am abusing the “good” button. I described why I’m doing this in the example above. After optimization, I will get obscenely large intervals.

Then I guess you can just keep the default parameters, or even revert back to the old algorithm. If you’re not using the buttons honestly, FSRS won’t be able to accurately determine the probability of recall.

I won’t have access to the collection for the next week.
Desired retention = 0.9

Every time I use “Optimize all presets”, the optimizer will mess up these parameters.
I don’t expect the optimizer to set the correct parameters in this preset. Therefore, I need to exclude him.

Hm. I believe it’s possible to exclude a preset from optimization by setting “Ignore reviews before” to something like 2030. @L.M.Sherlock will it work the way I expect? Setting the ignore date in the future will effectively turn the optimizer off, right?

I could do this on AnkiDroid. I set my year to the next century.

Edit: Oh sorry Expertium already mentioned it. Didn’t notice :sweat_smile:

Yes, and I mentioned this in the topic header. So it remains unclear how much this is supported and will be supported in the future. Thank you all for the answers.

I mean, it looks like it works, but I’m not sure if it could lead to some undocumented behavior. @L.M.Sherlock sorry for pinging you twice, but I just want to verify that setting “Ignore reviews before” to a future date is the same as turning the optimizer off, with no side effects?


Sorry, I don’t know because it’s not developed by myself. I will check it later.

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