Optimal Number of and Spacing between Learning Steps

I am learning with FSRS, but FSRS shines best for the long term because duh, S. P. A. C. E. D. repetition.

However in Med school the amount of attestations, tests and exams that you have to do within a short period of time from each other, at least in my University, is very massive. You kind of have to cram and for that you need to consider having a high retention rate in the short term.

You could set a 95% retentjon rate with FSRS, sure. But with only 2 or even one learning steps, to reach that you are looking at a month or two’s time (also depending on what you study and the amount). Hence, my predicament.
I know there is an " optimal" spacing because
-1s and 10s is too close
-1s and 1d is too far (there are exceptions, but you get my point surely).

So again my question, how can I correctly space my learning steps, so that I can achieve a good compromise between

-Material learned
-short term retention
-long term retention (that I leave it to FSRS, the problem is with the rest)

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