Open note's field if all selected cards are of the same note

This is a suggestion which would slightly be more intuitive to me. I would perfectly understand a disagreement.



  • Open browser
  • ensure you are on note mode
  • select a note
  • move to card mode

Expected behavior:

  • Intuitively, I want the note content to still appear. I still have a single note selected, am still considering it

Actual behavior:

  • Since multiple cards are selected (which I appreciate), the note editor is closed.

Proposed solutions

  1. The easiest solution would be to have a new rule, which state that note editor appear if a single note is selected (instead of a single card, as of today)
  2. A less easy solution would be to have a special rule when leaving note mode.


The main argument against it that I can imagine would be that users expect the same behaviour when multiple cards are selected, whatever the set of cards is. In which case, solution 2 would ensure that the change in behavior occurs only in a case where the user didn’t do a select action.