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When I click ‘image-edit’ from reveiw, path error occurs in Anki 2.1.56 Qt5

@jojoman: Can you provide more details? I assume during review you right click an image and from the context menu click “image-edit”. What happens then? What’s the exact error message? Post your whole config. what OS are you using? If its macos I most likely can’t help because I don’t have a Mac.

During review, right click an image and from the context menu click “image-edit”.

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Error message displays.

OS : Win 10 Pro, Anki 2.1.56 Qt5

I havent seen such a messsage before … I think I need to change the addon so that it allows a user to easily copy more relevant information.

you could right click the image and select “Image - Copy path to clipboard” and then from a CMD window run the command “mspaint path” where path is what you’ve copied to the clipboard. this should open the file in paint?

as a a workaround you could use the “image - show in file manager” option and then right click and edit the image. hopefully this works and at least that’s only two more clicks.

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Thank you for helping me!

For your information, the image saves in C:\Users\JO\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\User1\

When I right click an image and from the context menu click “image-edit" in browser. It works well.

it’s really strange that the context menu works from the browser. As I said I’ll have to change the addon code and I think I’m already half a year late with changes to this addon …

Posted from github issue (Infinite loop in image editing (sometimes))

_*** Maybe I’ll just add an option “Clear Cache” to the context menu that you need to run after editing the image.

  • Maybe I should show an askUser dialog (“external image edit finished?”)?
  • When a user starts editing an image externally I could start watching the file for changes and if one is detected I could clear the anki cache. I should always stop this watching when (in the add window) this note is added, (in the browser) when a different note is loaded into the editor, (in the preview) when the window closes. But I wonder what happens if I clear the cache at a random time …**_

Hey @ijgnd , is there any way to add this line of reasoning for when the ‘show image in finder’ option is selected? On Anki 2.1.65qt5 MacOS.

I ask this because I use this option to edit the images since it allows me to take advantage of the Quick Look → Markup feature (from Preview), which somehow bypasses the permission issues of editing the image via triggering the external editor. However, I still run into the same issue of the Anki browser not updating these changes.

Quick Look → Markup feature (from Preview), which somehow bypasses the permission issues of editing the image via triggering the external editor.

this is expected. you manually trigger quick look on an image so the editing is based on a user interaction in trusted software.

the next version will include a context menu for reloading the editor (but I guess the reviewer is also needed). My problem is still twofold: primarily I have no time and I also don’t have a mac …

I’d like to use the edit image function on Anki Desktop.
My machin is a MacBook Air (M1, 2020) mac OS Monterey version 12.1
Obviously I don’t have paint so I wanted to do as someone how said : “Using the Config options, I set the external image editor to (available on the App Store), and it works beautifully on Mac. Thank you very much.”
So I went to the Config options and changed “mspaint” to “” but I get this message :

Can someone help me ?

the addon probably won’t work for you.

see the heading “MacOS” on the addon description page. To make this limitation more clear I just added a sentence to the top of the addon description. Even if you solved the sandboxing/permission problem you’d have to adjust the config. See the heading “Configuration” on the addon page. this addon needs the path you would type into a terminal.

General info: on MacOS if you want to run an app from the command line (terminal) it’s not enough to type in the app name, instead you need to call a specific file from the application bundle. E.g. for the app Anki you need to run the following command: Console Output - Writing Anki Add-ons Other apps have different internals and need completly different commands.

ijgnd: you can use open -a --args ...

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I am using the latest Anki (23, 24) on Windows.
When I edit an image during a review, the image in the editor updates correctly, but all images in the reviewer seem to be hidden.(Not found image icon is displayed, including non-edited images.)

If I stop reviewing, return to DeckBrowser, and then review again, the images seem to show up correctly, so I added this to the _editExternal function for now.

           if mw.state == "review":
                from aqt import QTimer
                QTimer.singleShot(500, lambda: mw.moveToState("deckBrowser"))
                QTimer.singleShot(1000, lambda: mw.moveToState("review"))

thanks for your code. Unfortunately at the moment I’m pretty busy. I’ll probably include this in mid/ late may.

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