Anki Card Template Editor in VS Code using AnkiConnect

I have created a VS Code extension to edit and update multiple card type in a notetype.

Edit and update Anki deck’s card templates in VS Code using AnkiConnect



  • Select notetype from drop down to create html and styling of card template
  • Edit and update front, back and styling of card template
  • Option to update single card type or deck notetype
  • Backup directory created with original html and css


It is recommended to create backup of Anki decks before using this extension.

Create Card Template Directory

  1. Install anki-card-template-editor extension
  2. Create html files for front, back and styling using commands provided in the extension, use Ctrl + Shift + P to open command window and type create
  3. Select Create Anki Card Template Directory
  4. Select notetype listed in menu
  5. Enter directory name to store files in it
  6. It will create html files for each card in a notetype

Update Current File to Card

  1. Open file to edit
  2. Click send icon button to update current file to card in notetype

Update full notetype

  1. Edit multiple files
  2. Click sync icon button to update full notetype with each card

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