Only use "Again" or "Hard"

When I used to use Anki’s legacy SuperMemo 2 (SM2) scheduler, I never used “Good” and “Easy”. I have only used two-key mode (“Again or Hard”) for a long time.

I recently switched to using FSRS, should I make any changes? Can I continue to use only “Hard” and “Again”? do I need to use “Good” instead of “Hard”?

You can (and should) keep doing whatever you’ve been doing. FAQ #8 and #9 fsrs4anki/docs/ at main · open-spaced-repetition/fsrs4anki · GitHub

Well, most people who are in the 2 button camp use “Again” and “Good”, I haven’t heard of someone using “Again” and “Hard”. Well, it will probably be fine.

The man who asked the question did not use “good” but “hard”.

Yeah, but I meant other than OP.

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I think it’s worth using “Good". Otherwise, after redefining the weights, you will get shorter intervals. If short intervals are your goal, then increase the “*Desired retention”

Desired retention, but yeah. I would also recommend using “Again” and “Good” rather than “Again” and “Hard”.

Thanks for your help! Now I use “Good” instead of “Hard”, I feel fine.

But you still use “Again” when you get the card incorrect, right? No one was trying to talk you out of that, and it’s probably the most important thing.

Wrong = Again
Right = whatever other button you want, just try to be consisten


Yes, I use “Again” when I get the card incorrect and “Good” when I get card correct.

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