On the desktop, the suffix image cannot be displayed

I have tested that it can be displayed in 2.1.49. Later versions cannot be displayed.

Not all images cannot be displayed. Images with endings or suffix shadows can be displayed.

I feel that the picture of a web page I use should be changed the picture direction, adding suffixes directly will not be displayed. And there will be errors.

Links to images that cannot be displayed without suffixes:



I am very sorry that I have posted this question again, and I’m not very technical, so it might be a little vague.

I don’t understand whether it is necessary to change the direction, which can be displayed in v2.1.49 before.

It’s likely a change in some third-party library like the graphics toolkit rather than a change in Anki itself, so it’s unlikely we can do anything about it.

Then why can the version before 2.1.49 be displayed?
Is the previous image parsing different from the current one?
Or is the browser frame different?
Because I don’t know much about technology,
On the iPhone, it’s recognisable, which I’m confused about.

2.1.49 used an older version of the toolkit. You could try the qt5 version of the latest version to see how that goes.

In fact, I have used all the previous versions, only the version before 2.1.49 can be used, and Qt5 and Qt6 after that will not work.

If -qt5 behaves the same way, my guess is this is some change in the the HTTP library that Anki makes use of.

So can you fix this bug?
I am reviewing my notes on my mobile phone now. You can review some picture notes on the computer.

There is also the problem of embedding video that parses local video and web links. I can save it on window but can’t see it. But you can watch it on iPhone. I thought it was amazing.

I have traced it back to change setHtml() to serve content via media server · ankitects/anki@d33c66e · GitHub. This is not something that can be changed, so I’m afraid you’ll need to either stick to an old Anki, or download the files and store them locally, which you can do with https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1293255374.

Video playing is only officially supported in Anki via [sound…] tags. <video> may or may not work.

I hope so,
localization is not convenient, it is very troublesome to download, because the local link cannot be written to put several pictures at the same time,

I figured it was the security link. Recently using a plugin, I saw the background and reported an error inside the background
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()
And then I added this to it
The picture can be displayed normally.
It’s not the library.

Well, it kind of is :slight_smile: The change I posted above was required after we updated to a newer Chromium version.

Added the policy to where exactly - the img tag? If so, I’m glad to hear you’ve found a workaround.

In fact, there is a small problem, which is that the link with the anti-theft chain will directly clean up the anti-theft chain I set myself.

However, I can tolerate it, because what I pass into anki is for my own review.

I would like to ask how to set up the connection of [sound]. If I want to try it on the outside, see if I can use the internal player to control it.

sound tags were only intended for local files. The computer version can handle remote links due to the media player we currently use, but it’s not a supported use case.

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