Numbers above buttons almost hidden, Is it a UI bug?


I updated to 2.1.55 Qt5, the new UI changes affect on numbers on UI (screenshots). I’ve changed UI zoom, but nothing has changed, Is it a UI bug?



See here

Yes, and when I disabled it, the issue is fixed. Thank you for the link, but there’s no solution in there. Should I delete the add-on or disable it and wait until its developer fixes the problem?

See kleinerpirat’s comment here. It seems this may work after a revert in 2.1.56. Maybe disable the addon until the first 2.1.56 beta comes out.

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In the meantime you can extract this folder and put it in the plugins folder

Thanks, noty, but currently I installed “The KING of Button Add-ons”. It’s a good alternative for “Advance Review Bottom Bar”, but it was disabled temporarily until its issue will be fixed and then back to enable it.

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