Notion 2 Anki - Issue with images

Does any know how to sort this out? I use notion 2 anki to convert my cards. Works great except my images dont convert over instead i get this small box with trees and clouds in it and when i click it tries and fails to redirect me to notion?

You should get in touch with the developer.

I had the same issue. The information given in the FAQ’s last toggle: ‘Some images are missing, what do I do?’ solved it for me. You’ll find the FAQ under ‘General’ on the 2anki website.

'If you uploaded a HTML only make sure to use the ZIP, the filename ends with .zip. Some browsers automatically unpackage safe files like zip, so make sure to disable that behaviour.

For Safari it’s

1. Open Safari
2. Click Preferences
3. Under the General tab, uncheck the option Open “safe” files after downloading