Notify users when a due learning card is ready

I have to switch between decks while there are still (re)learning cards due for later.

What ends up happening is I completly forget about them; by the time I get to those cards I’ve ofc already forgotten them.

Currently you can’t set notifications for such situations. It would be helpful if this was allowed. Potentially something like “Notify when 10 learning cards are due” or something similar.

Alternatively, show a red dot in the deck and a red dot in the app bar while you are in review screen.

Might be relevant messages from Github:

BrayanDSO: how is this different from what the Notifications settings try to do?

brishtibheja(me): I don’t know what you mean. Notifications does not work if I already have a 100 cards due and I’m learning them (in different decks) and some (re)learning cards have just gotten due in a deck I’m not studying right now.

In my original post I suggested Notifications settings that considers only the (re)learning cards and works even when you’re in the app.