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Hi, everyone Is there a note type that allows me to hide content and make the hidden text the answer I need to type? “Close cards” allows me to hide. It Would be nice if I not only could type the hidden word, instead of simply showing the answer after trying to remember the hidden part. For example, this article of the Brazilian constitution determines that Brasília is the capital of Brazil:

  • § 1º Brasília é a Capital Federal.
    I would like to make it something like:
    Question: § 1º […] é a Capital Federal.
    Then I type “Brasília” and Anki tells me if what I typed is the answer. Is there a way to create a note like this? (easily hiding the words I will have to type)

You can add “type” to cloze fields to achieve this
(you need to add this code both to the Front and Back templates)



Is this code supposed to create a field where I can type? I guess I did something wrong, if it is:

I didn’t find a field where I could have typed “dependente”

Would you check the code to see if I made a mistake?

First I added this field “RESPOSTA”:


Then I pasted the code using “RESPOSTA”:



I guess I did something wrong, but I don’t know. My card should have only 2 fields, front (where i type the anser in the parts where I added “[…]” and back, where Anki evaluates if what I typed is the hidden word. I does has two fields, already, but I don’t know where/how I’m going to type the answer.

Your Front and Back templates should have these 2 fields:

The field RESPOSTA is not needed

(‘cloze’ being uppercase in my last post was a typo, sorry)


@jcznk you rock! You have the best solutions, thank you!

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