Not all media is available on iPad OS Anki

After lots of searching online I couldn’t find any info on the issue I am having.
So I am using Anki on iPad, desktop, iPhone. On iPad (both in paid App and in browser) the menu from which I can access extra audio and video files attached to card is not available. This is very inconvenient since I mostly use iPad to study. At the same time iPhone has two buttons for audio files visible.

Desktop view has main audio and additional media menu:

iPad View has only main audio button:

iPhone has two audio buttons in browser view:

Is it a bug or this menu has never been supposed to be there in a first place?

The shared deck you’re using does not appear to be embedding audio in the standard Anki way, and is instead using HTML media tags. The way those behave depend on the platform, as it’s bypassing Anki’s standard sound/video handling. The shared deck also appears to be revealing the extra elements with JavaScript, which may be part of the problem: More Features - AnkiMobile Manual