Not able to synchronize cards from the Ankidroid onto the AnkiWeb and import cards to the Anki on the laptop

I synchronized the anki(2.1.49) on my new laptop just now, but I found nothing on the AnkiWeb in my account and not able to download anything.
Later, I tried to synchronize the decks from the AnkiDroid(2.8.4) onto the AnkiWeb, but it prompted that my Anki client is not compatible with the V2 scheduler, so that I transferred the decks from my phone to my laptop by USB. However, when I imported the cards, it said “There is no item named ‘media’ in the archive”.
Please answer me and thanks a lot!

Hi, AnkiDroid 2.8.4 is quite old, the current version is 2.15.6. Update you AnkiDroid at first. It will resolve the V2 scheduler compatibility issue.