No text in LaTex Basic and LaTex Cloze

Hello everyone

I’ve run into a big problem with a friend’s stack. When viewing cards I can only see the formulas (via LaTeX) but no text. It doesn’t give me an error message the text just isn’t there. When opening the “edit current” tab I can see that all of the text and the formulas are stil there (obv in code) it just doesn’t show up properly on my screen.
I’ve confirmed that the commands (when managing Note types) are set up just like they are with my friend.
I’ve tried copying the content of the cards into my own freshly created ones but the problem still occurs. I can see text if the note type is something other than “LaTex Basic” or “LaTex Cloze” but then the formulas are in code so it’s of no great use.
I’ve tried different LaTeX installations on different devices with no success which is why I think the problem must lie within Anki.
The only other thing I can think of is that he created and used the cards on MacOS but they’re still .apkg files.
I know LaTeX is rather complicated for Anki but I don’t have time to create my own cards from scratch and desperately need these to work.
I would be extremely thankful if someone could help me out.