No new cards show up


I have an issue, maybe someone can help me.

None of my decks show me all the new cards. It shows me new cards for a while, but when I am about to finish a deck, it will leave some new cards and simply not show them.

For example, I have a deck with around 80 cards, 50 of them will show up, but after that it will say I don’t have any new cards, although I do see some of them in my statistics.

All my limits should be alright.

Please help

The pictures are in German, I hope that is not an issue.

Those cards might be siblings of cards you have already reviewed. See deck options —> bury new siblings.

I think you might have turned on that option on. Can you check?

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Hey, thanks for the quick reply!

I already checked that and turned it off, unfortunately it still does not work :frowning:

I see you have subdecks and you’re viewing the subdeck right now. Have you applied your preset to all of your subdecks? This is something I often used to get wrong with v3. I would check the presets + limits for subdecks as well as the parent decks.


I got it!! I had some of the cards in another subdeck, after I deleted the other subdeck, the cards returned to their normal deck. Thanks a lot!!

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Happy to hear that. The issue though, was it because you had your cards in a filtered deck? I would like to know what caused it if you don’t mind.

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