New user: synch issue with iphone app

Using anki for the first time. I synchronized the desktop app. When I click on “Synchronize” on my iphone, I keep getting the same error message: “A network error occurred. Error sending request for url (): connection error: Socket is not connected (os error 57).”

Any suggestions? Thank you.

Try –

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Thanks, Danika. I had 3 really large shared decks. Deleted them for now, and increased the network timeout to 2 minutes. The synch worked. Appreciate your help.

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After deleting the decks, do yourself a favor and run “Check Media” as well. That will show you how to clear out any media that belonged to those decks. (Should be somewhere in the Tools menu.)

Hi, Thanks very much. There were 622 unused files that belonged to the decks I deleted. All in the trash now. Appreciate your help.

Great! If you’re sure they aren’t needed, feel free to run Check Media again and empty them from the trash.

Emptied the trash. Thank you!

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