New Scheduler - Reviews in parent decks?

Hi all!

I updated the scheduler to 2.1 today.

I have structured my decks in decks and subdecks, setting the max new cards and max reviews per day in the parent deck to 999 so that I can learn the cards from 3 decks at once but have them in diffrent decks .

With the update, it shows me the reviews from the subdecks in the parent deck like shown in the picture below.

In the update logs it says this:

When a deck has children, reviews are taken from all children decks at once, instead of showing each deck’s review cards one by one. The review limit of the child decks is ignored - only the limit of the deck you clicked on applies.

I understand that the number comes from this change, but what does it mean that “only the limit of the deck you clicked on applies.”?

Can I have my old status back somehow?



edit: I found this question now: Hide all cards in subdeck with new scheduler
But there was also no solution provided.
Does anybody can think of any kind of workaround to have the old thing back?

If the parent has a limit of 999 and the child of 0, you will still see cards from the child if you click on the parent.

Well, there is. You have to move the subdeck out of the parent deck.

That depends on your setup. I assume you have cards in the “Chess” deck and only want to study those? Then I would move all cards out of “Chess” into a new subdeck called “Chess::Chess” or “Chess::General”. Then you can study this subdeck only.

No sry I wasn’t clear about that.
I have no cards in the parent deck but want to study all the cards in the subdecks in one session.
For example I have reviews in the Chess_Feldfarben and the Chess_reddot subdecks which I want to study in one session.
But in the Chess_100-endgames… deck there are reviews I dont want to study and I want to exclude by setting the max reviews
in this deck to 0.
With the old scheduler this worked perfectly fine, but now all the reviews from all the decks are appearing in the parent deck.
The 34 reviews u see in the pictures are reviews from the 100-endgames deck, which are not appearing directly in the deck, but in the parent deck.
Thx for the answer :slight_smile:

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This seems like the same issue/change I describe here (though I am using the v3 scheduler the v2 scheduler has the save difference form v1 as I understand it):

A workaround suggested to me was to use tags instead of sub decks but I don’t think that would work for your case of wanting one deck set to 0 reviews.
The only solution I can see at this time would be to downgrade to the v1 scheduler and I’m not even sure that is possible/easy to do unless you have a backup of your profile from before upgrading.