New scam website?

The download link refers to a unknown website.

Well, the title say by itself.

If not, I apologize and delete my post immediately.

See AnkiApp is not part of the Anki ecosystem - Frequently Asked Questions.
This is not really new, and yes AnkiApp is sort of a scam (in the sense that they very likely chose their name in order to trick people and / or to abuse Anki’s brand), but is not (at least not that I’m aware) a phishing company or anything like that.

Edit ah it seems that it’s not actually AnkiApp either, I legitimately can’t tell what that site is. I followed the links to download, and ended (after at least 5 pages) up on (which is the official website). What I can tell for sure is that it wasn’t registered by @dae (unless he tried to hide himself…):

Edit 2 according to them, this is a fanmade website.

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Judging by the download links, my guess is they’re trying to make money on advertising to people who stumble across their site.