Two versons of Anki? Orange and Blue? (AnkiApp)

A couple of months ago I purchased a life membership (or some such) in Anki for $50+ for my iMac and installed it on my iPhone. The icon is orange. Problem: This was a different version of Anki from the one used by my instructor. His Anki has a blue and gray icon, so today I downloaded that version for my iPhone and Apple wanted another $25 for that particular version of the app.

So what gives? Are both of these apps sold by the same people? Are there two different Ankis out there and I purchased the wrong one the first time?

Do you mean this?

ankiapp_logo.png (50×50)

This is one of the Anki knockoff AnkiApp. So I’m afraid that you have bought the wrong version.

And below is the correct icon.

I’m not using iPhone or Mac so I’m not sure if it’ll work, but it’s suggested to ask for refund if it’s possible.

The knockoff issue seems to be serious since I’ve seen many people confused about them these days. So I’m wandering if they can have a more effective way to avoid this tragedy happens.

A suggestion: Maybe we could pin an basic instruction in the forum with an eye-catching title, asking users to read it. Then we can put some answers to some important questions in it.

I think that it’s helpful for those who are searching for relevant questions in the forum when they are considering whether to pay.


You can get links to the authentic versions of Anki at the main site –

I’m so sorry you were tricked by them! I feel like copycats are multiplying, and they are preying on learners with their shady business practices. It’s shameful.


Thank you. That orange one is exactly the one I bought. You’re right. I got cheated. I doubt that Apple will give me my money back, but I’ll try. Thanks for the info.

Update: I bought the real version of Anki and Apple refunded me the purchase price of the AnkiApp.


That’s great! This may be a standard how-to-do example for later people got cheated.

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Wonderful! Thanks for posting about that! It’s good to hear that all is not lost.