Correct Anki version?!

Trying to work out which is correct version of Anki? I seem to have at least 2 versions, one of which was expensive for an App. Ankipro (blue logo) and Anki (orange logo) as below

Using on ios

They both work but the Pro version (expensive) lacks instructions to move cards from one deck to another and has less public decks


See this FAQ Page: AnkiApp is not part of the Anki ecosystem - Frequently Asked Questions

AnkiApp is not the real Anki App.
The real one is called AnkiMobile and is not free on IOS

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Still confised. On the Apple app store they have these showing developer names:

Is ‘original’ the top or second down

The original is AnkiMobile Flashcards by Ankitects Pty. No. 8 in the Education chart

Didn’t read your reply properly. Its confusing because I can locate more public cards on the Anki App flashcards version and better manual

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