New HTML editor > Problem searching media files with blank spaces

Hi, I think there’s a problem when using Find and Replace / new HTML editor with media files with blank spaces.To reproduce:

  1. From the editor, attach a media file with spaces in the name, for example “example file.jpg”

  2. This is how the old HTML editor (2.1.44) shows the file. Find and Replace works as expected with that string:

  3. However, the new HTML editor (2.1.49) shows the filename this way:

  4. And if you try to use the Find and Replace command with that string…

…it won’t work:

  1. But, if you try searching by the correct file name, substituting that “%20” string for a blank space…

It works as expected:

EDIT: OK, I see that “%20” is the url enconding for spaces, but if I’m not wrong, searching in the example (4) should work, isn’t it?

For legacy reasons, there’s no easy way to fix this without breaking existing collections.

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Thanks @dae. I didn’t know about the %20=Space thing and it took me quite a while through trial and error to discover what the problem actually was: at first I thought it was just user error, then I thought it was a bug with the new HTML editor and so on; and I think for most users in that situation would be the same.

Would it be possible some kind of user warning in that cases of (less ideally) a FAQ entry?

We could mention it in the Find&Replace section of the manual. You can export to a text file to see the underlying text that Find&Replace will see.

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