New feature generell and a fix at ios

  • to use anki also for other to this interface fitting tasks (for example. I wanna train my remember skills so every morning i wanna generate a random nummer in the mask xxxx with special conditions. If I remembered wrong the xxxx shall go to the mask xxx and so on. Just about.

  • at the ios version i miss the function do delate flags if i worked on my highlighted cards.

You can remove a flag by using the same action that adds it - eg if the flag is red, using the flag red action will remove it. To avoid having to pick the right color, you can use the red flag to change the color if it’s different, then tap it again to remove the flag.

I mean if I am in the browser mode where i can see all red flags.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand you. If your goal is to quickly remove the flag of selected cards, press cmd+1 once or twice.

If iam on my phone i cant delate a flag if iam in the browser of a deck. Iam on IOS

You can - select the cards, then use the Actions button to select Change Flag.

You see there somewhere the action button?

Ir here the option do delate the flag?


Tap on “Select” in the top right to select cards.