New cards & review cards are not evenly interspersed

In deck options, I have set the New/review order to “Mix with reviews”.

However, I have observed that the new cards are often more concentrated in the later half of my reviews. I want them to be interspersed more evenly.

For an example, I have already done 85 out of 175 review cards today, but I have not seen even a single new card out of 6 new cards.

The following may or may not be relevant:

  • This happens especially when the number of reviews is much greater than (say, more than 15 times) the number of new cards.
  • I sync my collection after every few reviews (which might cause the queue to be rebuilt).
  • I do almost all of my reviews on AnkiDroid (latest alphas).

It might be due to this: Why are deck options not honoring my Display Order settings? - #12 by lead_earth


But, I see this happening even when I don’t open the Desktop app in between the reviews.

This is likely the culprit. Also, please don’t do this - it puts unnecessary strain on AnkiWeb.

Ok, I will try to avoid syncing frequently. Unfortunately, this has become a habit. But, I will try to break it.

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