Need advice! Should i place 9.500 cards into a single deck or separate?

So I am willing to study the whole Campbell Biology book, mine has about 800 pages.
And now I really dont know wether I should put the cards from one chapter into a single separated deck (stack), or should i just put all the cards from the whole book into one big deck… Approximately they are gonna be about 9500 cards. I already have worked out several chapters and divided the cards into multiple decks (one chapter = one deck). But this question is adressed to you, ANKI gurus and professional, what would you rather do? What is smarter? I am really noob at anki and never used it before so …
Thank you in advance!

Take a look here:


omg thank you so much!
&thanks for having time for my question!!

The smartest thing to do is not to put a whole textbook into Anki. If you just started studying biology, a lot of concepts and facts will be familiar soon anyway and you could focus on creating high-quality Anki notes for what is actually important to remember this way.

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