My images are not showing on my card


I wonder if anyone can help me it keeps saying my web reader has crashed and it is not showing my images on my flashcrds. I have deleted and made space but I still can not fix the issue.

I would be so grateful for some help.

Thank you

check to see if the images are still in the media folder inside AnkiDroid folder

Thank you they are showing as available when i browse on my desktop through the cards. I have also purchased a memory card

This is a varitey of what I see now. How would I check to see if they are in the anki droid folder please?

Also when my friend logged in on his mobile while downloading ankibthe same image showed up. However on my computer it shows as the decks are completely available. I would be so grateful for an answer as my final med schoool exams are in less than 2 weeks. Any help would be grately appreciated Thank you so much!

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