Multiple Key Values

Is there a way to put multiple “#key:value” commands on 1 sheet? For example if I wanted to put #deck column:1, #notetype column:2, #tags column:3… I attempted different ways to put them into the first row but was unsuccessful.

I am not sure if I am missing the import instructions for this command or not. Thank you in advance

Are you trying to do something like import notes from a spreadsheet? I’d start with the relevant section from the manual. If I’ve misunderstood the question, you might need to elaborate a bit more.

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Hi Roxgib,

Thanks for the reply. I was attempting to import notes from a spreadsheet and couldn’t figure it out. It doesn’t specify it in the manual or “instructions” as I mentioned.

I was able to figure it out though. Thank you

Here’s the section

Ah, gotcha - glad to hear you sorted it out.

For anyone else stumbling over this: Headers must be separated by line breaks:


Is it possible to use 2 or more header lines in one sheet?

For instance, if I wanted to use commands #deck column:1, #tag column:2, & #notetype column:3 could I do that in one sheet? If so, how?

Sure, as long as you put each one on a seaparate line.