Moving in a mathjax field with keyboard is not intuitive

How to reproduce:

  • create a field left \(mj\) right
  • but your cursor at “right” and moves to the left, enter the mathjax field
  • type “new”

Expected result:

  • the mathjax contains “mjnew”

Actual result:

  • the mathjax contains “new”

Do the same thing from “left”, using the right key from the keyboard. The expected result should then be “newmj”.

In any case, if you use the left or right arrow key, and then press key, it should only introduce the keys, it should not delete any content

I believe @hengiesel did it that way so that when navigating with the cursor, it jumps over the MathJax so you don’t have to navigate through it unless you want to (by moving the cursor in the opposite direction). Any other MathJax users have an opinion here?