Alt text for mathjax

I would really love if copy-pasting fields with mathjax could also work outside of other fields.
Currently, if I copy past a field that contains a MathJax text to some plain text editor (emacs and textedit in my test), this field gets replaced by Mathjax.
I’d love if it could be replaced by some more useful value. Ideally, I’d love if it could simply be
\(actual content\). Indeed, that would allow me to do the changes I want to do in emacs, and then paste the result back in my field and have it interpreted as correct mathjax.

On linux, you can select text and use the middle button to paste it somewhere else, and it always paste as plain text. I’d also really like if this could work too. However, it’s less clear to me whether it is actually possible.

As always, thanks a lot for all the improvements. I really love to be able to see the mathjax I’m writting in real time.

If you’re regularly copying text into a separate editor to edit it, perhaps you’d be better off with an add-on that automated those steps? For individual MathJax equations, you can move the cursor into them which selects the source text, which you can then copy to the clipboard.

I’m doing it very regularly. But in this particular case, i had a huge field with plenty of equations to which I wanted to do similar changes.

Honestly, I only realized later that I could copy-paste the html source version and be done, I don’t understand how I failed to consider this option