Mouse Pointer Changes on Hover over Anki

Hello everbody,

This is a small, purely aesthetic bug i think

I’m using Manjaro Gnome with Wayland, Anki ⁨2.1.55 (Qt6), with an 3440x1440 (116.54 dpi) display, scaling 100% on OS and Anki.

When hovering over the Anki window(s) the mouse pointer gets changed from my personal one, to a ?generic? big one. The same problem also occurs when using the telegram desktop app, if that helps.
For a visual representation, see the attached screenshots.

Screenshot from 2023-01-09 11-48-19
Image Description: a small Screenshot of the border of an Anki window and the desktop background. The mouse pointer hovers over the desktop background, and is displayed as a small, pointy macOS-like pointer.

Screenshot from 2023-01-09 11-48-26
Image Description: Same Screenshot Area as before. The mouse pointer hovers over the Anki window, and is being displayed as a big, more roundish mouse pointer.

So far i haven’t seen any functional impacts from that behaviour. I just don’t think it’s intentional :smiley:

I presume it’s something specific to the GNOME desktop, as I don’t see that happen with Sway.

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