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want to learn vocabulary (field “back”) either by a written word in mother tongue (field “front”), by a picture (field “pic”) or by a spoken word in mother tongue (field “sound”).

For that purpose my notes have 4 fields: front, pic, sound, back.

I want to learn in 4 modi (one at a time), which I want to choose at the beginning of a session (same modus for the whole session).

modus 1 question: front → answer: back
modus 2 question: pic → answer: back
modus 3 question: sound → answer: back
modus 4 question: mix of front, pic, sound → answer:back

Is there any description (YouTube?) how to realize these four modi for a given collection of notes?
Guess we will need a desk for each modus and different 4 cards for each note, but I have no idea how to realize the project best.

Is there a YouTube or any other description for such a project?

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Hi, I think you are referring to having 4 card types from the same note. Just to point out that card types depend on notes, not decks.

Reading the card templates section in the manual should help. Please see Anki Manual

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