More polite if user/OP translate into english for others

OR, 1 of the 6 working language of WHO:

  1. Arabic
  2. Chinese
  3. English
  4. French
  5. Russian
  6. Spanish

the OP who post the question,
could simply translate ONCE, and also confirm that the translation agree with his/her idea.

waste A WHOLE LOT people’s TIME,
also the translation could SUCKs.

How can people be so selfish?

thank you.

ps: i am with an obsessive personality

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This isn’t my house – and so it’s probably not my place to respond. But I wouldn’t want the silence below this post to be interpreted as community agreement with your perspective, because I strongly disagree.

If someone comes here needing help, and they are most comfortable expressing themselves in a language other than English [or the other languages you approve of], I think they should be able to post in whatever language they want. I think that’s very much in the spirit of Anki as a world-wide community of learners. Sure, there’s no guarantee there will be someone around who knows the same language and has the right answers – but I’m sure that isn’t a surprise to anyone.

Fortunately, we all have nearly-universal translators at our fingertips. While I can’t use one of those to respond to a person in their own language (because I would never trust a translation robot with a task that complex in a language I’m not familiar with), I can certainly use a couple of them to get the gist of a poster’s question and hopefully give them back something useful in response, even if it has to be in English.

I truly don’t see how someone else asking for help in a language you don’t understand harms you even one tiny bit. They aren’t asking their question for your benefit, so how could that be selfish of them? If you or anyone else feels like translating their message is a waste of time, you can just … not translate it.

That seems like a much more welcoming and effective solution than refusing their request for help.


i found other forum’s way:

specific language in specific small groups.
then other common groups in english. more comfort.

i feel less insulted.

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Don’t expect the world to cater to your every whim. It is not the world’s (or this forum’s) job to make sure you don’t feel insulted by trivialities.

If it bothers you, go to the user’s profile and ignore them. This will hide their future posts from you.


好o阿, 那我以后就用中文回, 用中文問.
希望大家也一樣, 看看是不是會更好?

我是希望anki 更好的人, 真心.

Example of forum that does this, LibreOffice

Don’t like LO forum because of these reasons:

  • Volunteers mostly help in their native category rather than incentivizing the translation of international posts and helping more people
  • Authors write English in their native category, which undermines the whole point of these categories
  • Too many categories
    • LO have divided social media as well, rather than just using translation features from their respective platforms (YT, Telegram, FB…)

it would be better if LO had only 2 categories, Help and Help (International)

可以呀, 就這吧,

我好肯定, 不是每個人都是英語是mother tongue,
但總要有個共用語言, 所以UN 選了六個.

主體用英文, 其他語言集中一細組, 就可以了.


I’m pretty sure not everyone’s English is their mother tongue, but there has to be a common language, so UN chose six.

But there has to be a common language, so UN chose six.

In my opinion.

I think it’s fine to have English for the main body and a small group for the other languages.

Personal opinion.

I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to do this.

Makes sense, but if you know both, then it is preferable to use English

If you don’t know English, then post in your own language, and we will translate to help

Also, these 6 languages categories will be about which topic? Desktop, AnkiMobile, Ankidroid… there isn’t a manageable way to cover it all unless we change categories to tags

if you want to help people in others languages, then try translating Anki docs and apps to your language

Check out Weblate and Crowdin, they are translations platforms in which you can help to translate

I’m starting out on Weblate, and hope to help more projects to include Portuguese in their apps/docs
NamelessGO @ Hosted Weblate

It is not helpful to the forum if you now respond to English-language support requests with Chinese machine translations

Please stop doing this.

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i natively speak chinese.
I want to help others in my mother tongue.
I just express myself better in chinese,
it’s sometimes difficult for me to express myself in english.

you wrongly blamed me on this.

what i simply think polite is,

if anyone would like to post in non-english,
why cant he/she simply ALSO use machine to translate into english,
and paste BOTH?
this only use up the OP’s time ONCE,
but saved every other’s TIME.

it’s just selfish if he/she only post in non-english and save HIS/HER own time by not also posting the english translate.

However. It’s not particularly helpful to respond in Chinese to an English-language support enquiry from a user who doesn’t obviously speak Chinese.


obviously, he/she can use machine translateion.

it is helpful,
if i got a problem,
i will prefer an answer that need i copy/paste then translate,
instead of no answer.

There are two classes of people here:

  • people who are posting a question. More often than not it’s their first time here, and asking them to translate their text into English is a bit of a burden. Accepting whatever language they’re comfortable with is more friendly, and it is easy for the regulars to use their browser’s translation tools.
  • people who are offering advice/replying to questions. If you speak the same language as the OP, I think it’s friendly to the OP to reply in that same language. If not, then English would be a good default. If you know the OP can speak Chinese then replying in Chinese makes sense, but if you don’t know that, replying in Chinese feels more like you’re doing it to prove a point instead of thinking about what the OP might benefit from.

hi thx,
i just flagged the thread.
i regret i think over my pay grade.
pls del this thread.
i shd leave the mgt to the admins.

Also, there have been a number of flagged threads recently, by a number of users. Please do continue to flag posts when they violate the forum rules, or there are serious issues with them. But please don’t use the flagging system for posts you just disagree with, or people you don’t like. Please also avoid starting a thread and then flagging it to delete it, as it’s not polite to delete threads once others have contributed to them.