Modifying card ordinals programatically


Quick question, is there a check hidden somewhere in the Anki code that checks for/corrects multiple cards with the same ordinal? Or syncs cards with notes as soon as you write to either? I am currently doing this:

for nid in nids:
  note = col.get_note(nid)
    if note.note_type().get('type', MODEL_STD) != MODEL_CLOZE: continue

    note_cards = {str(card.ord + 1): card for card in}
    i = 0

    def substitute(match):
        nonlocal i, cards
        i += 1
        card = note_cards[]
        card.ord = i - 1
        return rf'{{{{c{i}::'

    for fld in note.keys():
        note[fld] = re.sub(r'{{c(\d+)::', substitute, note[fld])



It seems to work but I just want to make sure that there aren’t edge cases where Anki “fixes” the cards while I am restructuring the cards and notes.

Any thoughts?

Aside from Check Database, it should leave them alone.

Perfect, thanks.

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